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Our Challenge

Gen Z’ers are a tough crowd to win over at the best of times, let alone where what is being marketed to them is not what they may typically think of as “cool”. Increasing Gen Z readership of our financial newsletter presented a twopronged problem: first, where we were going to market our newsletter such that enough young people would be made aware of it and second, how we were going to market our newsletter such that younger audiences would buy in to it. The solution to this problem? TikTok, hashtags and influencers.

'Stimulate engagement'
'Tough crowd to win over'

Our Approach

With over 60% of its users being comprised of Gen Z’ers, TikTok was the natural medium of choice for our marketing campaign. The emerging markets focus of our newsletter demanded that our campaign drew attention to the global nature of our product while knowledge of the short attention span of the younger generation (Forbes) demanded that we did so in as captivating a way as possible.

We created the hashtag #whereamifrom? and then handed over the keys to our team of trusted and ethnically diverse influencers to create personalised video content which we determined would stimulate engagement with Gen Z users by encouraging them to guess which part of the world each respective influencer was from. Moreover, with the link to our newsletter being provided in the bio of each influencer, we ensured a smooth segue between TikTok and our website.

The Result?

A total of 30,000 TikTok users reached and a whopping 800 responses to the #whereamifrom? question posed by our team of influencers. Of the 30,000 users who viewed our influencers’ content, 14% responded with a “like”, while we also saw a click-through rate of 4.8%.

Creative marketing and a sound understanding of what type of content Gen Z’ers respond well to was key to our success in this campaign. For brands that want to attract Gen Z’ers in 2020, marketing your product or service in a fun and engaging way is a sure-fire way to get them interested. You might want to be on TikTok too.

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