We know how to talk finance to Genz & young millennials.

Our distinction as a media company is that we provide solutions which educate first and leave audiences inspired to take action.

Made by your target audience for your target audience.

Why We Educate First?

The 16-26 group spend a lot of time on social media where they receive new offers & opportunities from Financial companies, often without any explanation why they should choose one of their options.

We created Greenlink to help you educate your audience through culturally relevant content, distributed at scale.

What do young people want?

90% said they wouldn't go to a company's website if they could not relate to their social media.

85% said that relatable content from a trusted source has the biggest influence on their spending decisions.

Our ability to integrate into Gen-z and young millennial communities allows us to communicate a brand’s message with speed and clarity.

Our Products

Content Lab

Our content creators create media and content which is easy to relate to and highly shareable.

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Strategy & Data

We provide insights into latest trends and help you to act with a strategy which meets your business needs.

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Show your content to the world using our partners, vetted financial influencers and paid media.

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The fastest growing community of financial influencers, vloggers and publishers!

Our Work

Content Lab, Social Management

Emerging Markets Hound

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